Personal Projects

The main aspect I love about being a professor is mentoring students and developing their research careers. However, every once in a while I get swept up in an individual project. These are mostly non-research projects that I have personally developed.

MiniConf is a project developed for ICLR as an easy-to-use tool for hosting fully remote asynchronous virtual conferences. It was heavily used in 2020 to host ACL, ICML, AKBC, AIStats, and many other virtual conferences.
NLP Browser
NLP Browser is a web app that lets any easily browse through more than 150 datasets used in NLP and hosted by Hugging Face. The app is a pretty addictive way to casually learn about new datasets and challenges.
NamedTensor (Tensor Considered Harmful)
Named Tensor is a proposal for adding a new datastructure to mathematical libraries to tread tensors more like dicts and less like tuples. This blog post had the impact of getting PyTorch to add a NamedTensor annotation in v1.3 of the libary.
Torch Struct
Torch-Struct is a passion project of mine to test out whether deep learning libraries can be used to implement classical structured prediction. It includes heavily-tested reference reimplementations of many core NLP algorithms.
The Annotated Transformer
The annotated transformer was an experiment in blogging based on literate papers. The idea was to teach researchers how an important model in NLP works by aligning the paper line-by-line with an implementation. The blog post was widely distributed, and there have been many follow-ups for new model.